With his trademark homespun wisdom, Yogi Berra once declared, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Still, at The Group Inc. we continue to take our best crack at forecasting the local housing market – and with pretty good results. For instance, our 2016 forecast for average sales prices in Northern Colorado landed within 2.5 percent of the actual outcome. And our prediction of the number of sales was off by just 1.8 percent. And looking at the first six months of statistics for 2017, our predictions seem to be holding up well at the half-way checkpoint. Back in January, we projected 10,746 home sales across Northern Colorado, or a 5 percent increase over 2016. Through June, we’re at 5,067 – or 47.1 percent of the predicted total. 




The Group Inc's Insider September 2017