A little water can go a long way in helping homeowners add value to their properties. That’s the conclusion that Colorado State University researchers are making after a study focusing on the social, economic and environmental benefits of landscaping. The report, titled “The Hidden Value of Landscapes: Implications for Drought Planning,” reinforces the importance of using a relatively small amount of Colorado’s water – currently estimated at 3 percent of all the state’s water – to sustain home landscapes. Among the benefits: • For every $1 invested in home landscaping, homeowners gain a return of $1.35 • Commercial properties with attractive landscapes earn 7 percent higher rents • 55 square feet of household turf grass generates enough oxygen for 1 person for 1 day • 48 pounds of carbon dioxide are absorbed by 1 tree each year Of course, resale value is rooted in curb appeal – and landscaping is a key ingredient. According to the CSU study, large street trees can add anywhere from 3 percent to 15 percent in value to a home. Additionally, the report states, “a ‘high’ to ‘excellent’ landscape is estimated to increase property values as much as 10% and bring as much as a 17% increase in overall curb appeal.”


The Group Incs Insider October 2017